July 12, 2007

Kraepelin Test

Yesterday, I had to take part in a test called "Kraepelin Test" . I hadn't heard it before. While going through the test, I guessed it must be for checking your mental abilities. It involves simple additions continuously with time limit. Speed and accuracy may be two main points to be checked. In my opinion, I had a very average speed but I tried to be as accurate as possible.Another one may be the patience or impulse control.
So, googled about it later. The name of this test comes from the name of a German psychiatrist, Emil Kraepelin, whose views regarding the causes of psychiatric diseases were very different from those of Frued . Frued is very famous, but I guess most of us haven't heard much about Kraepelin. 

In the test, there were many long random series of single digit numbers. I had to add the two consecutive numbers and write the result in between them. If the result is in single digit, you write the number as as it is. If it is in double digit, you write the last digit only, for example '0' only for 10, '7' only for 17, etc. In the example shown here, upper black series is the problem and red ones are the answers. This was to be repeated until the examiner ( it was a CD player in my case though!) says 'next line'. Then you leave that line as it is and go to the another line. This continued for 30 minutes.

Just wanted to share this, as it was new to me. If you have had any encounter with the 'Kraepelin Test', please share here.

And please don't think I was there because I had some psychiatric problem! It was for something else. Psychiatrically, I am very sound! :-D


  1. where do you get a copy of said test? I am researching a paper and one of the studies that I am using for citation used the Kraeplin test.

  2. Thank you Anonymous for the comment!

    This test was in a Japanese company where I had applied for a job. It was one of a few tests that I had to take part in. I didn't join that company. I don't know whether they will provide you with a copy of that test or not.
    Here is the company's web-page address; http://www.tamadic.co.jp

    Other Japanese companies, including bigger ones, may also use this test to evaluate would be enployees, but I am not sure.