December 21, 2007

An unexpected guest

I was having mild headaches since last week. I thought it to be the result of cold and stress. The pain was severe on the wednesday morning. And I was also having sore throat and some fever. I thought that I may have caught common cold and moved on according to my daily schedule. But the headache was quite serious when I reached the office. The fever was also very high. Initially, I thought of taking a half-day leave, but still thinking it to be common cold and 'you need some toughness in such conditions' continued to work. Besides, there was a lot of work accumulated in my table. But the day turned out to be a century. The whole day I was shivering and feeling my head was going to burst at any moment.

I came back home at regular time and rested. I expected everything to be better the next morning. But I couldn't sleep well. Even when I was having some sleep, I had many crazy dreams. I was sicker the next morning, instead. But I went to work again. The work was not much and most of the time I was in the 'meditation' position.

I came back two hours earlier and went to a nearby clinic. I had to wait for a long time. I was feeling very tired and was barely able to control myself. While waiting, I dozed off many times.

"Let's check whether it is influenza or not." The doctor told me after some preliminary check-ups.
He inserted a small cotton tipped rod inside my left nose. It was brief but extremely painful. I saw what they call "all the stars of the sky" at once!
"The result will come out about 15 minutes later. Meanwhile, you please rest." The nurse took me to the adjoining room .

The doctor came after some time and told me that it was 'Influenza A and B'. It was a little shock to me. I had some plannings for the holidays season.

"Please continue resting. We will find somebody to fetch medicine for you." The nurse told. My condition must have looked very bad!

And bye-bye to BONENKAI (NOMIKAI)s this season. They are having one today at the office and tomorrow in my previous lab. They were supposed to be 'double party's, for my welcome and farewell respectively. I was also planning to participate in one or two Nepalese gatherings.

It is better today. Fever is almost gone, headache is very mild. Sore throat is getting better too, but it pains a lot when coughing or sneezing. I was at bed almost all afternoon listening Ghazals and Qawwalis. I was about to get asleep when there was a small earthquake around two O'clock. I couldn't sleep after that. But I stayed at bed for another one and half hours, though it was a real torture!

I hope my daughter Aryaa hasn't caught it yet. She was playing with me on wednesday evening. She was kissing me and putting her cheeks against mine when I was telling her some 'gibberish' stories.

Sobita and Aryaa will get flu vaccine today.

BONENKAI:year end party, direct translation may mean little bit different
NOMIKAI: drinking party (but people don't drink only, they eat a lot too!)


  1. यो भाइरस भन्नी जिनिस् इन्टरनेटबड नि सर्च भन्चन् केरे!
    यो बलग पढेसि त मलाई नि सर्च क्यारे!!!!


  2. ha ha ha right now i am look like you.

  3. बसन्तदाइ,
    कहाँ पाउछ त्यो भ्याक्सिन ?:P
    ह्याच्च्च्चियुssssssssssssss!!! ऐया!!! रुघा लाग्यो।
    गालब,सिटामोल छ ? :)