October 12, 2007

1st NEA-JC Seminar on Current and Future Technologies

I am again very late to blog this! The seminar was on the 7th. It was really nice to get to know many new friends. In fact, most of them were not new, or I can say they were new "physically" only. I used to have e-mail communications and voice chats with them. Our NEA-JC meetings are in Voice Conference format. But knowing all of them "in person" was very exciting.

Let me share some photographs.

Achyutjee is conducting the program.

Lohani dai, our NEA-JC President welcomes all the participants. He is with Geo-Research Institute in Kobe.

Shobhakar dai and Netra Prakash dai. They were our key-note speakers. Shobhakar dai is affiliated to Global Carbon Project in Tsukuba. Netra dai is with Ehime University.

NESAJ President Rishabjee with his speech.

Ripendrajee, Badrijee, Latajee, Vedjee and Sudipjee with their presentations.

Madhusudan Bhai with his presentation.

The lunch in a nearby Nepali owned resturant was great! So was the talk.

The participation was small. But NEA-JC itself is a very small community. So the number wasn't much low, though some additions would be bettter. The presenations and discussions were very professional, lively and fruitful.

What I found is that, many of our friends didn't believe us. They thought we may not be able to organize the seminar at all, so they didn't come. But we have done it! Now our friends can believe us. I am sure, 2nd NEA-JC seminar will have much more participants. Our role as "pioneers" comes to the end now.

For more informations about NEA-JC and papers presented in this seminar, please visit http://www.neajc.org

I will also post the video of the seminar when I get it from Achyutjee.

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