September 12, 2007

The Moonlit Road

I wanted to do some work with my blog, actually I wanted to decorate it a little bit. I am using it totally ‘naked’ since I started blogging around four months ago. By ‘naked’, I mean I am using the one of the blooger-provided standard templates as it is, haven’t added anything to it, haven’t changed it at all.

I first removed the phrase “First Steps of a Newcomer in the Blogging World”. I am almost 4 months old now!

Thinking that it might be better to start the 'decoration' from the header, I googled for suitable images to use there. I wanted the image to match (or to be themed on) one of my short poems. I started by googling “moonlit evening” and got some images. I wasn’t satisfied with those images. Then googled “moonlit road” and was delighted to find the kind of image that I desired. But I couldn’t use it in the header, trimming it would make it useless.

It is actually a painting for sale (45 dollars).

According to the explanation provided with the image, it is based on Taoist teachings and represents some state of mind. I think I should put the original description here, it is very beautifully expressed.

The Infinite Way stretches before you. The path twists here and there, but always continues on--straight ahead. The moon casts a cool, yet inviting glow on the stark cliffs and fresh grass.

Original painting was done in acrylic on white canvas. It depicts a moment of Taoist thought; the Path, or the Way, captured in an almost alien landscape, just at moon-up. It could be any path, anywhere. And any of us might be walking it.

I can’t say I know much about Taoism or Lao-Tzu, its originator. I have read the English translation of collection of Lao-Tzu’s teachings. The book is called Dao De Jing. I don’t have capacity of understanding Tao philosophy completely but I was fascinated by the simple and short yet deeply revealing statements in that book.

A good ruler rules without ruling. ( Politicians/rulers should be humble.)

The importance of a room lies in the space covered by the walls, not in the walls. (Space or void is more important than the material).
I also read the English translation of the teachings of Zhuang Zi, his most famous disciple. Also, O SHO has talked very affectionately about these two sages.

This image has rekindled my interest in Taoist teachings. I hope this time it stays longer than before!

And about my poem now. It was written on one of the last days of December of 1997 when I was working in a college in Pokhara. I was alone in my room preparing luggage for my next morning’s journey home for winter vacation. The moon was shining in the sky and the earth though cold was bright. The staff residence was frighteningly quiet although it was 9 PM only. I was feeling very sad and lonely (heavy drinking with Niranjan the previous night may have been contributing for that!)). I don’t know how I started thinking about life (which I don’t do normally!). Out of nowhere, these lines came to my mind and I wrote in my notebook.


जुनेली साँझ-
म यात्राको तयारीमा छु
लाग्छ म सधैंभरि यात्राको तयारीमा छु
भगवान् !
जीवन के हो ?
यात्रा वा यात्राको तयारी ?

A rough translation,


Moonlit evening-
I am preparing for a journey
I feel I am always preparing for a journey
O God!
What is life?
A journey or preparation of a journey?

I know my translation is very bad.

And my blog is still naked! I haven’t been able to decorate it at all! Some ‘How to ----‘ pages printed from Dummies Guide to Google Blogger lie silently somewhere ‘deep’ in my office bag. I hope they will see some daylight some day.


  1. HI I like Japan I wish I could go soon. I also like literature a lot.

    Nice blog.

  2. Your "naked blog' is "natural" also and everything that is natural is "nice"

    As long as teh "contents" inside your "container" is good you do not need to find any "make-up-kit" for your blog.

    And it is known to all that man is alo born naked. So keep your site in it's "Birthday Suit" but with articles like this .

    I enjoyed it very much as I also (still) love and interested in "Zen"

    keep on bloging!


  3. Thank you berenice bautista for your visit and comment.
    Thanks also for appreciating my blog, but I wish I could have a blog as good yours.

    Thank you Dilip dai for your kind comments.

  4. jiban ke ho? yatra ya yatra ko tayari -- I've felt the same way. let me know if you find out which one it is.

  5. Thank you Norrbujee for your visiting this blog.

    I will of course tell you when I know what life is, but I don't think I will know in this life.