May 07, 2008

One more 'bad name' for Nepal and Nepali

I just happened to see it being highlighted at the side bar, while checking mails early in the morning. I talked with one of my friends about it. According to him, it was already on the TV news last night.

One Nepalese 'gentleman', living somewhere in Hokkaido killed his wife, a Japanese citizen and their 6 months old daughter. This cold blooded murderer then dumped his daughter's body in the river. According to the news, the lady wanted divorce from him.

This will surely give a very bad name to Nepal and Nepalese for many years. Any crime is bad and murder for any reason is worst. The last such case was more than a decade ago. I hope this murderer will get the maximum possible punishment.

Though crime in Japan is not by foreigners only, Japanese generally blame foreigners for recent increase in crimes. Foreigners of almost all origins are found involved in criminal activites but people from the third world countries are behaved more suspiciously.

A few days from now will be pretty uneasy for us too. People will certainly mention this in conversations.

I pray for peace to the souls of mother and daughter.

Man held on suspicion of killing wife, baby daughter missing


  1. unfoldingreverieMay 7, 2008 at 2:40 PM

    Indeed, a bad name for us. Before I read your post, I heard this news from one Japanese colleague. What an embarrassing moment! I don’t know how long I have to keep hearing about this incident.

  2. Not good news, indeed!

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  3. Just figured out that the url without www leads to some other page, not yours!
    So funny!
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  4. नेपालमा एक जनाले खराव काम गरे त्यो 'व्यक्ति' खराव हुन्छ, बिदेशमा एकजनाले अपराध गर्दा त्यो देश नै बदनाम हुन्छ।

    केहि बर्ष पहिले नेपालमा दरवार हत्या काण्ड भएपछि विदेशमा बस्ने धेरै नेपालिहरुलाई निक्कै समयसम्म आफ्नो राष्ट्रियता बताउन लज्जा महशुस भएको थीयो ।

    के भा हो यस्तो ---नेपलिहरुले शिर ठाडो गरेर हिडने दिन कहिले आउँछ?

  5. परिवर्तनMay 8, 2008 at 9:47 AM

    स्याड न्युज।
    खै के भन्ने? कहिले दराजमा लाश भेटिन्छन भन्छन कहिले यसो गर्यो भन्छन। शब्द छैन म सँग केही।

  6. It's very sad news for all the Nepalis living in Nepal as well as to those who are living in different part of world.

  7. Thank you all for comments.

    Keshuvjee, thank you for pointing out that. I will check and change settings.

  8. Basanta Ji,

    Though it's not fair to generalize the whole country based on the crime of an individual, but we can't blame the host citizens either. Japanese are bound to be suspicious with other Nepalese too. Thankfully, I guess they won't be vandalizing any Hindu temples.

    I was reading your first NRN post (will read others after this) and I could visualize the scene there. I always believe that every individual outside of Nepal are ambassadors of their country. For some reason when people get in groups with other Nepalese they tend to forget that they are no longer in Nepal.

  9. Well, why people do such things that along with them other also has to suffer even though the other person is not responsible for the sin. What i think is that people has forgotten to think before they act. But don't worry all of this will be over, time is the greatest healer. God bless you.
    Thank you very much for donation to Ayush. you were the first donar. Ayush's best wishes and prayers will always be there with you.

  10. Thank you Prajwoljee. They will not vandalize any hindu temple for sure. Such acts are the 'private rights' of Nepalese people:)

    Thank you Nawangjee for initiating a good cause.