March 06, 2008

Happy day to you all!

Please enjoy some funny news if you haven’t read these yet. I was really cracked up.

Seems this Mayor is in a big trouble to issue such an order. I am wondering in what way he will punish them who will die.
Cemetery full, mayor tells locals not to die

And it seems sometimes your body can be your liberator.
Big breasts win verdict for Japanese pin-up

And the third one. It is no less funny than others, but if proved true, and with other religions too, it will change the whole human civilization or the concept of civilization. Pot smokers will get the respect they rightfully deserve. Hippie days will make a come back like a ‘come back kid’.
It would be interesting to see reactions from fundamentalist Jews, Christians and Muslims. I don’t have much knowledge about those religions but I think they share Moses. What if someone makes such claim directly on Christ or Mohammad?

All mystics have claimed direct contact with god. But the possibility that all of them were pot smokers with hypnotic abilities seems much closer to reality now. Did Gautam Buddha did the same? Who knows, he was in Jungle for many years.

I think Hindus will not have any problem with it as revered Shiva is the greatest pot smoker of world. And so pot smoking SADHUS are revered in Hinduism. In fact, the more pot you smoke, the higher-level SADHU you become. When you are in pot’s effect for 24 hours a day, god descends to talk with you.

I also tried this journey towards direct face-to-face contact with god. But I failed miserably in my very first lesson. I could never master the art of smoking cigarettes. I excelled in drinking for some time though. But I haven’t heard any drinker having direct contact god. More important than that, I don’t have any memory of talking with god! Some of my friends reached next level and started replacing tobacco inside cigarette with G (G for GAJA, the Nepali word for ‘hemp’). Some even reached another level. I was with them at some occasions and felt they were in an entirely different world than mine. How can an ordinary mortal like me understand them, living much higher than me? I am sure some of them have reached even higher level or some skilled ones may already be playing cards with god.

And what a coincidence, I happened to read this today, on SHIVARATRI day, a day for pot smokers in Nepal.


Moses was high on drugs: Israeli researcher


  1. Thanks for compiling these news :)

    Cemetery news sounds funny, but I have to admit the situation must have been dire enough for the Mayor to make that announcement. Perhaps he was trying to draw attention of whole France, so that it would be easier for him to acquire more land.

    Second story was really funny, the subject could have been a fat lousy guy but the model with big booby spiced it up.

    As far as our religion goes, I sometimes find it amusing. No doubt we rever Lord Shiva despite his pot smoking, even if it's illegal for normal public. I guess it's typical of ठुला ले जे पनि गर्न हुने culture of ours :)

    I don't know if Lord Buddha used weed to help him concentrate, neither do I know much about Moses.
    But one thing I definitely know, if you are not intoxicated and you happen to be with group of guy's who are, then you won't get a clue what they are talking abt ? what was so funny? etc :)

  2. हा हा हा , शिवरात्री को कुरै बेग्लै - हिजो खोट्टा पिएका साथीहरु अहिलेसम्म पनि उठ्न सकेका छैनन् ।

  3. Hi Basant Jee,

    me fine and Hows abt you?

    ... great blogging!!


  4. r u remorsing in your marriage ??? If not,then what the hell ametya is speaking in his blog ? scold him, otherwise he will get motivated to use such random things again and again.
    Jaya Shambho........

  5. Prajwoljee, talking about Shiva; you reminded me of a श्लोक in Nepali. I don't remember the exact words, but it looks like;
    ठूलाले गरे जो काम,हुन्छ त्यो सर्वसम्मत
    छैन शंकरको नंगा भेष जगतमा निन्दित

    Aakar bro, I hope KHOTTA has already left you now:)

    Badrijee, thank you for the visit.

    ametya bro, as you know

    लखनौका पेडा,
    जो खाया, वो पछुताया
    जो नहीं खाया वो भी पछुताया