June 03, 2007

'Crawling' ahead with blog!

Due to lack of time, this blog of mine hasn't gone far. Many things have happened in my personal, family and professional life and couldn't write anything. I also couldn't participate in the CHAUTARI thread of www.sajha.com, which is my favorite place in the net. In fact, I have almost stopped going to other online forums or almost all other threads in sajha.com.

When starting this blog, I had written that besides my vies on Nepalese politics, I will also share my personal life. But I now think of not including anything too personal or too family mattered. Life's privacy has already been attacked from a thousand sides! It is enough. This blog doesn't need that.

Instead of that, I am thinking of sharing my literary creations like poems, stories and ghazals (all of them will be in Nepali though, don't feel confident to write in English). I am also thinking of sharing audio of me reciting my poems, ghazals etc.

1 comment:

  1. Basantaji,
    Very nice work.
    You have already shown your exceptional natural ability in the field of literature. I am fond of reading your political thoughts. You are just genius.
    Please keep it up.