January 04, 2008

It seems to be older than mankind

I happened to read this in 'Yahoo News', just before starting job after one week of vacation. It is funny! We call it the oldes profession of humankind, but it seems to be even older than humankind itself.

Cost of coitus: Male monkeys pay for sex
Wed Jan 2, 1:30 PM ET

Selling sex is said to be humankind's oldest profession but it may have deep evolutionary roots, according to a study into our primate cousins which found that male macaques pay for intercourse by using grooming as a currency.

Michael Gumert of Nanyang Technological University in Singapore made the discovery in a 20-month investigation into 50 long-tailed macaques in Kalimantan Tengah, Indonesia, New Scientist reports on Saturday.

On average, females had sex 1.5 times per hour.

But this rate jumped to 3.5 times per hour immediately after the female had been groomed by a male -- and her partner of choice was likely to be the hunky monkey that did the grooming.

Market forces also acted on the value of the transaction.

If there were several females in the area, the cost of buying sex would drop dramatically -- a male could "buy" a female for just eight minutes of nit-picking.

But if there were no females around, he would have to groom for up to 16 minutes before sex was offered.

The work supports the theory that biological market forces can explain social behaviour, the British weekly says.

"There is a very well-known mix of economic and mating markets in the human species itself," said Ronald Noe of France's University of Strasbourg.

"There are many examples of rich old men getting young attractive ladies."


  1. Prostitution thing is so professionl but unrespected. It is purely social but society hates it. Its illegal in most of the places but it is flourishing everywhere. Men hate hookers but they are the savers. This is an amazing issue which is never ends.

  2. firstly thanks for welcoming to the vast blog world. you are the first one to comment me and i am so much thankful.
    prostitution is really a very bad job but many people are going on it. the comment made by nepalean is very good.yeah! prostitution is really a very amazing issue.